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Atlas - The mother of all topboxes

The Atlas is a large topbox which can hold two full face helmets. It is as strong as all of our luggage even due to it being our largest. Still it’s narrower than two panniers attached to a motorcycle so will not effect riding. It has styling on the lid, our stainless hinges with stop and our secure lock. If you are looking for something where you can fit everything including the kitchen sink then this is the topbox for you. The Triumph T100 the Atlas is shown attached to has the Comet panniers attached and even though the Atlas hangs over the rack the panniers could still open with ease. Compare the width of the Atlas to your handlebars to get an idea of how it would sit on your bike? If purchasing top boxes with panniers then all 3 locks will use the same key so you don’t need one for each piece. All of our topboxes come completed with fittings required to attach them to our tubular rack.


Atlas volume - 61 litre
Front to back 330mm
Left to right 620mm
Height 310mm

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